Nail Services

Classic Spa

Spa begins with a hand/foot bath to prepare nails and cuticles for shaping and trimming, following with a massage and hot towel.

Manicure 13

Pedicure 25

Combo 34

Citrus Away Spa

This treatment includes everything in the Classic Spa, plus a gentle citrus scrub, which effectively sloughs off dull dry cells. It is then followed by a peppermint mask to rejuvenate and maintain a youthful elasticity.

Manicure 18

Pedicure 30

Combo 45

OPI Tropical Pineapple Spa

Soften your feet with OPI foot soak infused with antioxidants. Fresh pineapple & zesty papaya scented foot scrub to gently exfoliate dry skin. Then a rejuvenating & soothing foot mask with shea butter is applied, wrapped in warm towels.  Followed w/silky lotion infused with antioxidants.

Manicure 21

Pedicure 33

Combo 50

Berry Me in Paradise Spa

You will flock in for this filled pampering with Pink Malibu sugar scrub, that exfoliates, nourishes, renew and helps protect damaged skin. Then followed by a super-hydrating mask!



Manicure 23

Pedicure 36

Combo 55

Cranberry Bliss Spa

Soften your Hands/Feet with the ultimate cranberry bliss spa.  Begin by soaking in a cranberry mineral soak.  Then an oil-free cranberry sugar scrub is applied, followed with a moisturizing mask.  Last, cranberry mineral oil is applied with hot stone massage.

Manicure 30

Pedicure 45

Combo 69

VOESH Collagen Spa

All-natural sea salt scrub to detox, leaving your skin moisturized. A scrub is applied to exfoliate, exposing younger skin. Next, mud masque is used to tighten pores, followed with a soothing cream to hydrate your skin.  Last, your hands/feet will be wrapped in socks infused with collagen 

Manicure 30

Pedicure 45

Combo 69

Children's Services

(10 and younger)

Manicures | $8

Pedicures | $15

Combo | $20

Polish Change hands/feet | $5 and up

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